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Developing Self Aware Leaders Who Inspire Engagement

At 7Mesh we help organizations to embed a more collaborative, compassionate and co-operative way to open up dialogue and resolve conflict at work.

We believe that an important skill that every leader, especially those leading significant change, must have is the ability to engage others in dialogue. The leader who can create safe space in which open, honest communication is practiced, ultimately creates a cohesive community of increased trust, understanding, and shared meaning. A leader’s capacity to manage conflict, equips individuals and teams with the confidence to tackle difficult issues and to deal constructively with change to achieve results.

7Mesh empowers people and organizations to lead with emotional intelligence and adopt a person-centred, coach approach to conflict; employee relations; human resources; management and leadership. We work in partnership with our clients to develop their systems, processes and behaviours which encourage cooperative problem solving, open dialogue and stakeholder engagement.

We are inspired by positive psychology, coaching and emotional intelligence. We believe that an engaging, empowering and well-coordinated resolution of business challenges is more effective than the traditional, adversarial and often divisive approaches which are in use in a great many organizations.







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LEADERSHIP & TEAM development

7Mesh supports managers and leaders to develop the confidence and the competence to handle the challenges and the demands of the modern workplace.

Increasing numbers of complex human resources, employee relations and business processes are being devolved to leaders, managers and supervisors. These include: managing conflict; managing capability and performance; dealing with absence; recruitment and selection; engaging employees; dealing with mental health issues; managing change and driving innovation; handling disciplinary and misconduct issues; dealing with allegations of bullying and harassment. As Mediators and Certified Executive Coaches, we partner with you to develop the necessary skills and tools to navigate through these complex situations and achieve results.

MANAGING conflict & managing change

7Mesh understands that conflict is essential for growth and progress. When conflict is valued it encourages an environment where change is seen as positive.

We design and deliver highly effective approaches for managing conflict – transforming it from destructive conflict into constructive dialogue. We successfully work with groups and teams to help to resolve complex and seemingly intractable disputes and we help teams during periods of transition and uncertainty. We specialize in helping teams to unlock their potential by engaging them in constructive and supportive dialogue. We work with many different team structures with differing and complex needs. This could include a complex inter-personal dynamic or a high performing team who want to come together to identify a shared vision and agree a new set of goals and objectives.

Workshops, training & facilitation

7Mesh offers customized 1/2- day learning sessions which integrate into a normal workday, to 3-day skill development workshops or engaging large groups around strategically important topics – we offer a variety of interventions customized around the learning needs of the target group, both in-house and as open workshops. Find out more about our specialized formats, such as Coaching Skills for Conflict, Emerging Leaders Development program, Conflict Management, Confident Conversations, Developing Emotional Intelligence, Self leadership.


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